The Universe Has Answers

Every now and then I sit down, close my eyes, clear my head, and have a conversation with what I'll call my Higher Self. You can call it Joe. Or Edna. Whatever. Doesn't matter. The thing is, I have learned, if I ask questions, I get answers. One time I wrote the conversation down in a Word file, then forgot about it. I rediscover that file every few years. Today I found it again, and decided it was time to send these answers out there. Just because. Someone out there besides me is supposed to read this right now. You know who you are.

From May 6, 2003:

Will there ever be peace in the world?

Why are there so many wars?
Because you have not yet found yourselves.

What do you mean?
You are lost.

How do we find ourselves?
Look inside.

Do you mean that we should be more introspective?
No. If you look inside you will find all of your selves there. Until you recognize others as yourself you are lost.

One day we will all find ourselves?
It is the inevitable destiny. It is not guaranteed to be peaceful.

So you mean that we could destroy ourselves to achieve peace?
That’s one way.

How do we achieve peace with ourselves individually?
Accept who you are right now.

What if who I am right now is a terrible person?
Then accept that.

Shouldn’t I try to be a better person?
Sure. And the first step is to accept that right now you are a terrible person.

How many lives do we have?
For your purposes, one.

Why have you qualified your answer?
Because you shouldn’t distract yourself with the possibility of other lives. Just focus on this one now.

Will you ever grow tired of answering these questions?
I have no concept for “grow tired”.

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