Lemon Potato Kale

You shouldn't take the fact that I'm now writing about food as meaning that all of the upheaval of the last few months is settled. It just means I'm tired of writing about it, or not writing because the only things I have to say I'm not willing to publish. So I'm writing, about something else that helps to ground me - food.

I love greens. Don't know if it's my Irish genes, but aside from mustard greens, I love them all. I also love potatoes. Again, probably the Irish ancestors. But here's a kale and potato recipe that I just made up today that I found so lip-smacking good I'm writing about it.

Dice up about 1.5 pounds of red potatoes into smallish (less that an inch) cubes, toss with thinly sliced lemon (cut the thin wheels into fourths) and olive oil and roast in a shallow dish in a 425 oven until the potaoes are getting crispy and the lemons are carmelizing. Take them out and let it cool.

Meanwhile, wash and trim some kale and steam it to cooked but still with some body in the leaves. Remove to a bowl lined with a towel and allow to cool and dry off. When everything's cool and dry, combine the kale and potatoes in a bowl, add 3 - 4 tablespoons of basil pesto, juice of half a lemon, maybe some zest if you're feeling punchy, and a little more olive oil. If you have a little roasted garlic on hand, throw some of that in too. Toss together and try to save some for everyone else in the house.

Ahhh. Peace and comfort in a bowl.

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