Tried to talk about it; can't.

I've written a post about what happened and where the kids and I are at now, and I even published it for just a moment, but when I saw the words up on the page, on the internet, I couldn't take it. I deleted it.

It's too personal, too private, too painful.

But there's nothing else that I want to write about now. So my public voice is stuck mute for awhile. Maybe for months. Maybe longer.

The kind and encouraging comments to the previous post are appreciated. I realize that I hadn't posted about our separation. Again, too personal, too private, too painful. And talking about how the kids are coping, what I've learned to help them, how one lives through something like this, requires telling what "this" is. And I just can't do it. It seems disrespectful to him. His story is his own. The things that I know about him, what happened to us, between us, is between him and me and no one else.