Another Ear Infection

Two sets of tubes, adenoids surgically removed, and the little girl got another ear infection, in June. Back on to the antibiotics.


The ENT has looked at her ears again, now that the infection's cleared, and says the tubes are still in place and look fine. She may still get the "occasional" ear infection.

So, I've done all the regular care for this; now I'm moving on to chiropractic care. (And I've ruled out food allergies a looooong time ago.)

I absolutely adore our chiropractor. Couldn't say enough good things about him. Not being a father himself, he's a tad awkward with Ada while she does her shy-burrowing-into-mama's-shoulder routine. But when he gets into chiropractor-gear it's a whole other story. I sit on the table and hold her, he scoots in beside me, and he makes adjustments so subtly she isn't really even aware that someone who is not me is touching her. Once she catches on, she starts fussing, but until then, she's great.

I've also started doing light massage around the occipital region before she goes to sleep. Very, very light massage, sometimes just resting my fingers under the weight of her head and letting her move around a little to find the pressure that feels nice to her. She seems to really enjoy it. Dr. Chiro showed me a very subtle movement to do, cupping her head and making very tiny figure 8's in the air, in a flat lateral plane side to side, but the movement is too small and fine for me to manage now, being out of the habit of doing daily bodywork.

I'm hoping that all of this will help to free up the interior anatomy to function as designed, and help her ears to drain, because the PE tubes and lack of adenoids haven't totally cleared the problem. And I really, really hate having to keep putting her on antibiotics. She tolerates them fine; it's the building resistance problem that I'm trying to avoid.

This, too, shall pass.