Soooo Much Easier

The recovery from an adenoidectomy than from a tonsillectomy, that is. Ada is such a trooper. She woke up freaked out and mad and the nurses were all, uh, let's get this IV out and you need to get her home, now. She was fine in the car on the way home, cuddled in my lap with some cold milk watching Little Einsteins and every now and then would remember that she'd had an EFFING AWFUL MORNING but would settle back down again with kisses and hugs and then she took an early nap.

When she woke up again, she was, kid you not, 100%. She still had to stay out of school for a week, doctor's orders, but she did great. Seriously. I didn't even need the humidifier running or painkillers or anything. It was actually a little weird how completely and totally okay she was. Because she'd just had SURGERY.

Yea, Ada! And yea to no more ear infections, although she's still generally got some yuck draining from her nose. I've tried taking her off dairy to see if it would help, but made no difference. And she's on zyrtec, but I'm not sure it's making a difference. But she's happy, sleeps great, growing like gangbusters. And such a cutie.

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