Welcoming the New Year

My mind is racing. There's so much I want to do. Small adjustments in the daily routine to bring more health and balance to mind and body for myself and my family. Start preparing for the growing and inquiring minds of the kids - trips, projects, looking into spiritual resources that fit our values, thinking about ways to start bringing them into greater interaction with the world around us in a way that fosters a sense of community and mutual responsibility. Roadtrips and camping.

It's all a bit too early for most of that (they're only 3 and 1) but I want to start thinking about it now.

I'm already a little bothered by the consumerfest that was Christmas. I guess to some extent there will always be some gift giving and I do enjoy the excitement and joy the kids get with their new toys, but next year I want to temper it better with other activities that also turn this season into a time of reflection and reaching out. I was so swamped with work in the days leading up to Christmas that I could barely come up to breathe. Now that I have a few days to myself before work kicks back in again, I can't help but take stock and think about how to do things better next year.

I'm looking into vegan cooking. I've just downloaded what looks to be an awesome cookbook from Vegan Dad. And today I'm going to attack clutter and take bags of outgrown toys and clothes to goodwill. And I've approached the firm about taking on a new pro bono client who just inspired the heck out of me with her story. We'll see what happens.

So much life to live and share and love and laugh and so little life to do it in.

Happy New Year, everyone.