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If you go to my profile, it will point you to my new blog, Smitten By the Words. You may have noticed I've opened my profile up so now you can see who I really am. I hope I'm okay with that. This blog has been a personal space for me to sound off about things that I feel pretty strongly about, and I wasn't sure I wanted that connected with my public persona. It's sort of like having an online diary: you know 90% of what you write is going to make you cringe when you look at it again a year later. I suppose if there are any regrets, I can just delete this blog, although the Toddler Tonsillectomy post still gets such an inordinate amount of traffic that I'd like to keep at least that up so that parents dealing with the post-surgical trauma still have the communal wisdom of so many generous readers to lean on.

I'm not sure how much writing I'll continue to do on this blog. I've really let it go the last several months while I wrote my novel and started the hard work of learning about publishing and querying agents. Writing the novel was easy by comparison. This is gut-wrenching. I want to write so badly it hurts. Honestly. But I can't justify spending all my time doing that if I can't contribute to the household with it - not when I've got this law practice that provides reasonably stable cash flow. And writing on the side? With a 1 year old and a 3 year old on top of my regular work? Crazy-making.

So, life takes unexpected twists and turns, and hopefully it all works out. If you've been reading this blog, thank you, and I hope you've found something here that touched you, helped you, gave you a chuckle or made you think about something in a new way. My grandmother told me that the way she knew when she'd learned something new was when she changed her mind about something. She meant it literally, but I'd take it further than that. Learning changes your mind. I love that. This isn't farewell - just a head's up that things are changing. We'll see how it goes. Meantime, if you want to follow the struggle of an unpublished author to break out into a new career, please come visit at the new blog and say hi. It's still a little lonely over there.

Rock on.

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