News or Just a Crime Report?

I know I'm late to the party in complaining about this, but it's just to the point of being absurd. Our local television news has degenerated to nothing but arrests, suspects sought, and crimes occured, with a little weather and sports on the side.

Every evening I get home with the kids around 4:45. Pooper gets to watch 2 episodes of Thomas (I might ff through the ads and oops maybe a little of the episode too) then we catch the end of the national network nightly news, and then the local news come on at 6. And it's nothing but crime. I get so frustrated I pick up the remote and start going through the channels.

"Police have issued this sketch of the suspect -"

"The body was found on E. Riverside drive by a woman and her father -"

"- Today was indicted on six counts of indecency with a child -"


The only real local news I have left now is the Statesman daily, the Chronicle weekly, and the Community Impact monthly. This is ridiculous. Such a shame that local television news has gone so far into the trash. I wish I could have the news on with the kids while I finish making dinner and discuss local government, civic events, health news and other items of interest with them rather than opting for HGTV so we don't have to listen to the grisly details of the latest murder-suicide parading as "news."


Gretchen W. said...

Interesting blog.

I found it while looking for advice on tonsillectomy recovery. It was very helpful.

I happen to be a news producer in Columbus, OH. I do my very best every day not riddle the morning show with crime and sickos for several reasons...
a. I want moms to be able to watch my show while serving kids breakfast.
b. Who really cares about the latest gang shooting?
c. I am beyond sick of bank robberies and child abuse stories.

That said - there are some crime reports that I feel are important to pass on to the public. For instance, we have been covering the search for a serial rapist. A real sicko who stalks women for days before attacking them in their homes. I think it's important to tell women every single detail we can about this guy...especially because he seems to mainly target single mothers.

Anyways, you should write your local station and let them know how you feel. Feedback is always appreciated!

Again - thanks for the tonsillectomy help! Love your blog!


Liz said...

Thanks, Gretchen. What a cheery blog you have! You're absolutely right - I ought to contact the news channels and let them know of my disappointment. It's so easy to forget when I sound off here that that's all I've done - just sounded off. Makes me feel a little better, but not exactly a catalyst for positive change now, is it. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for keeping an eye on this in your incredibly influential role as a local news producer. Rock on, mama!