Will he EVVVEERRR poop in the potty?

Griffin turned 3 in April, about 2 months ago. Boys potty train between 2.5 and 3.5, so he's not officially late yet. And he didn't walk until he was 15 months, and is still a little speech-delayed, so why should the potty be any different?

But there are a few additional factors at play here:

- his daycare would like to move him along to the next class by the end of the summer (he's about the oldest child in the current group), but he needs to be out of diapers first;

- he's about the size of the average 4 year old, and, therefore, so are his poops; and

- god help us we can't keep cleaning up these diapers much longer.

It occurs to me, when he's older, that Griffin may not take well to discovering that his toddler toilet habits (or lack thereof) were discussed with the global community on the Internet. All I can say is, you brought this on yourself, son. And if this is the worst thing you can come up with to get mad at me about, you had it pretty good.

So here's our plan: We've been talking potty for several months now. He's well-versed in the lexicon of the poop and the pee-pee and the toilet and the paper and the wiping and the flushing. He's not at all interested in the little pretend potties, and given how he has to perch himself on those tiny things, I don't blame him. No, he needs to just get on with it with the actual appliance. He can strip down and put himself on the potty just fine. He's aware when he's pooping because he runs away so we won't make him go upstairs for a change. The kid's ready. We'll buy a few more books, establish more regular times during the day that he routinely goes to sit on the potty, whether or not the visit is productive, and keep building the habits and the practice. If things don't start to catch on by mid-August, we're just going to go cold turkey. He's going to stay home from school on a Thursday and a Friday, and I'm going to clear my calendar. Thursday morning we'll go to the store and make a Big Deal about buying his underwear and tossing the diapers. Then we'll just do it. Going in his pants right now, with the diapers, is very convenient. It will become much less so once there are no diapers to catch it all. I'm hoping by Saturday, when Ada is back home with us (and crawling around on the floor - eeesh) that he will have caught on to go. to. the. potty. By Monday hopefully the accidents will be reduced by half and he can go back to school with maybe just 3 or 4 or 12 changes of clothes. And socks.

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Beth said...

Boys tend to be a bit later. Anna potty-trained right around the three-year-old mark, and it was just that there was something (in this case, a new day care - "if you use the potty, you can go here!" so she just did and that was it) providing a clear incentive for her to go ahead and commit to doing what she already clearly knew how to do.

But her older sister used to take off her own diaper and go squat in the corner of the closet when I wasn't looking.