Home Decor Overload

What is it about IKEA that makes me want to throw away everything I have and start over? To have time to drive there, walk through the store, stop and look at all the beautiful things that wouldn't fit in my house, I have to block out an afternoon. Kid-free, of course, because otherwise I have to add in time for managing the meltdown just as you exit the toddler toys area for the cafeteria and marketplace.

I would love to have the bright, cheery-yet-organic-and-unfussy-and-organized vibe that is the IKEA brand in place in every room of the house. The kids' toys would all be coordinated in designer colors and yet would feel down-to-earth and simple. The bedding would have playful - but not tasteless - designs in vivid orange and green. All of the CDs, random parts of toys, papers, more random parts of toys, magazines, legal references, office supplies, linens - all of it - would have a stylish and sensible container in clever shelves or cabinets.

But here's the thing - I would have to hire a consultant to do it. Because I don't even have time to shower (unless I squeeze it in in the middle of Ada's first bottle of the morning at 6:20 or so), so when am I going to find time to review my storage and organization and furniture needs, do a gap analysis on what I already have available and could use better, review the IKEA catalog for solutions for what's still needed, and then purchase and install the new stuff? When, I ask you???

If someone wanted to be an IKEA freelance consultant to help me figure this out and take care of it for me, I'd be willing to pay for the help. Maybe I should place an ad on Craigslist.


DrRuth said...

Hey Liz

I recommend AM Jennie Glasscock who is an organizational consultant. She will do what you ask and more. I've posted to AM about what she did in the past. If you can't find it, I'll send you my summary.


Ebony said...

Home decoration is my hobby too & I love to do it.