Salutations to my 39th new year

It's 2008 and we're all here. Me, the husband I was destined for, and the two kids who've been in my mind and heart for more than 10 years. We're here, I'm done, and now for the living the rest of our lives together. How can it still feel like I'm just getting started when I'm going to be FORTY YEARS OLD this coming September?

I have no new year's resolutions. I could say something noble-sounding, like that I try to live every day with the sort of reflection and mindfulness usually reserved for the first day of the year, blah blah blah. It wouldn't be true, and that sort of self-congratulatory prattle makes me vomit in my mouth a little. Really, I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude just to be here at all, and to be surrounded by these amazing beings that are my family, well, I'm struck dumb with wonder. In my mind, this next year is like starting down the runway for takeoff, watching the kids start to get a toehold on life, their personalities, likes and dislikes, gifts and misgivings. And watching DH and I start to get a toehold on our life as parents, heads of a ship, nurturing our marriage along with our kids, struggling with how much we want to be there every moment that our kids are breathing (I'm definitely pulled more in this direction) and how much we also want to succeed in our professional lives (DH is currently pulled more in this direction; I am too only insofar as I want to help stockpile funds for the family's use for travel, school, etc.).

Runways can be bumpy, too. That's okay. It just means we're picking up speed and liftoff is imminent. And second thought, I do have one resolution - find some way to be more charitable. Either through giving or volunteering. Reach out more. Forgive more.

Happy new year.


China Chats said...

You by no means have to post this comment , but I wanted to say THANK YOU. I was beginning to feel like my son had developed a disorder from the surgery. He has not been himself at all, but he had been just as you described which tells me he IS normal. I feel better and better equipped to handle the rest of his recovery.

Parag Dekate said...

My son 28 month old had TNA done on 21/4/2015. Our experience is painful. Today is day 4 but he is not able to swallow his own saliva. He is on round the clock morphine and Tylenol. He doesn't have paid so such but while eating he complain of severe pain. We are getting very worried. Being pediatrician it's very difficult to see your child in pain. Ee tried everything we can but he doesn't want to try as he is scared with pain. He grabs everything but not tried to eat it. Kindly suggest any solutions if any.

E. A. Haltom said...

Eating food isn't as important as drinking cool fluids. My son drank lots of cold fluids, particularly milk, during his recovery. Staying hydrated is so important to their comfort and healing. And of course, if you are worried, call your doctor's office to speak with a nurse or make an appointment to get him in to be seen if you think he isn't healing as he should. Hang in there! This is hard, for sure.

Anonymous said...

My 4 yr old just had tonsils and adenoids removed. We're on day 6 and he's hardly drinking, hardly eating, and getting him to take medicine is like giving a cat a bath. He either spits it out or throws it up. We've tried to mix it with foods and drinks but he always figures it out. There's no bleeding and he had one day of fever. Since day 1 he's been saying his stomach is upset. Never complains about anything else, just his stomach. I pushed to have this done and now feel terrible about it. Sleeping just isn't happening and his breathe is awful. He does want to eat and drink but after his first bite of food he immediately says his belly hurts. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be taking him in. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

E. A. Haltom said...

When in doubt, call your doctor's office and tell them what's going on and let them tell you if they want to see him. And if your gut says to take him in to be seen, do.

Nishyla Rice said...

I guess i shouldn't of read this 5days before my 3year olds T&A. I've been trying to mentally and emotionally prep for this its impossible. This was really helpful though. Thank you