So Sad. So Very, Very Sad.

FX has decided to no longer air reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on weekday mornings. Apparently they will now only air an episode on each day of the weekend. I'm devastated. Sure, I own almost every episode on DVD anyway, but it's not the same. It was so easy to scroll through the DVR list and pick the episodes to watch. And the regular pace through the seasons from having one episode aired each day, and knowing every evening that there would be a new episode waiting for me to breeze through to my favorite scenes, favorite lines, etc., was all such a treat that can't be replicated by sitting down and pulling out a dvd every night (after removing the cub's Little Einstein's dvd first, natch).

And FX couldn't even have the decency to fill the slot with something respectable. No, it's reruns of Malcolm in the Middle, which was a charming show and all, but it's no BTVS. I guess all that's left is to start to DVR the Angel reruns off of TNT.

Very, very sad.

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