Fun With Impressions

Holy cow - two posts in one day! It's just that I've also been thinking about the kiddo who is currently just an itty bitty fetus, and although we don't even know her sex yet, my hunch is that there's a girl in there, and that she's exactly like her brother - willful, willful, willful. Thank goodness for all the parenting information now on redirecting unwanted behaviors, because "no" just doesn't register with this kid. And redirecting him can be quite challenging. Our strategy so far has been to make as much of the house accessible and available to him as possible, so that there is plenty to keep him safely occupied. He has figured out the trick of pushing a chair next to the desk/table/bookshelf that he wants to explore further. He keeps us on our toes.

So I'm feeling that this next one will be a pigtails and darker haired version of her big brother. They'll fight a lot - except for the times that they're conspiring together to do/get something they aren't supposed to be doing/getting. I also have a very different personality that comes to mind if I imagine this kiddo as a boy, but the girl image comes through stronger right now. It's fun to write this down now to see how far off or spot on I was when the time to find out about this little person finally arrives.

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