N'il-y-a pas des vestements pour la future maman a Paris

Yes, my french sucks. Speaking french is like driving stick-shift for me: I never quite got the hang of driving a stick until I took my little standard-shift Mazda truck to San Francisco one summer. I've studied French several times, but I've never gotten the pronunciation down well, I can't remember when to use "de" or "le" or "a" or "aux", and when you listen to Parisians talk, I swear they just speak in some sort of French shorthand and drop off half the words. So, like stick, I probably will never quite get a hang of French unless sometime I just get all immersed and have to deal with it on a daily basis to survive. Which will probably never happen. So DH and I spent New Year's in Paris, it being his 40th birthday this year and all and the two of us being a couple of unapologetic francophiles, and I thought, hey, we're planning on expanding the family, might as well check out the maternity clothes in this, the epicenter of all fashion waves.

I thought I had hit the mother lode when I found the H&M in the Forum des Halles with the maternity department. Turns out, not so much. So then I got online and was only able to find one store that specializes in maternity clothes, and that was a chain, and from the online information, not that great anyway. I had read that the C&A next to Galeries Lafayette had maternity clothes, but when I got there, again, nothing special.

On a lark I tried out Galeries Lafayette, and hallelujah, finally something great. We had to go to the 5th floor (yes, my intrepid DH was accompanying me God bless him) which is primarily dedicated to very high-end clothing for kids. Who buys couture for toddlers? We had to walk so far to find the maternity section that DH was sure we were going to get jumped in some dark little corner and our organs harvested for science or something. But no - we found the maternity "nook", and it was so worth the trouble. I was only able to afford a darling gun-metal silk-looking (but washable polyester - how practical!) sleeveless blouse and some fabulous grey trousers for work. This time around dressing the bump, I already have all the basics, so I may get to splurge on the occasional frivolity. Like Nordstrom's maternity. Yummy.

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Prentiss Riddle said...

Adam Gopnik wrote a funny New Yorker piece a few years back about pregnancy in France. I think I recall that it addressed maternity fashion, but the only part I remember clearly was the OB/Gyn chainsmoking during prenatal exams. It might have been included in his book, "From Paris to the Moon" -- dunno, as that's still on my to-read list.