This Is It - Northcross in the Balance

This is the moment when we will save the future of our neighborhoods or not. City Council had an agenda item to consider suspending the ridiculous "lazy man's plan" for Northcross on the Dec. 14th agenda, and Friday they took it off - seems there was a crisis of political will to stand up to Lincoln Property Company and Wal-Mart. Read: we don't want to get sued.

You can't get sued for having something listed on the agenda. In fact, they could remove it from the agenda at the last minute if they wanted. But if it doesn't get onto the agenda now, it can't be put on later, because the rules require a little advance notice so the other side can know the arguments are coming and prepare a rebuttal. This is only fair. So it HAS TO GO BACK ON TO THE AGENDA.

City Council and the Mayor are elected to represent US, not out-of-town developers. Because the site plan was approved as an "administrative" site plan, there was never an opportunity for any public hearing or discourse as to whether or not this is right for the neighborhood. How each and every member of City Council and the Mayor handle this will determine their political futures - in central Texas and beyond. Period.

If the site plan suspension doesn't stay on the agenda, possibly the best opportunity to present evidence in opposition will have been lost. The next City Council meeting when this could be heard is January 11, 2007. If demolition permits are issued, demolition is scheduled by the developers to begin January 8, 2007. This is the make-or-break moment.

To take action to save the neighborhoods around Northcross, go here.