Speech Delays

I'm really tired and this is really a boring entry unless you happen to have a 19 month old child with speech delays and you're considering the Early Childhood Intervention Program. In which case, read on. Otherwise, this entry's really only good for helping you get to sleep tonight. In fact, I got sleepy writing it.

The cub is going on 19 months old and doesn't really have any words yet. He's starting to get a little more varied in his sounds, he gestures and points and tries to communicate, he signs a little, and he understands when we tell him something simple to do, and sometimes he even does what we ask him to. But no words - more specifically, no consonants. Not even mama or dada. So I've called in the Early Childhood Intervention people.

Today was our first meeting, the initial "Intake". The program seems to be pretty fantastic, very affordable, and we can stop at any time. I have to admit that I'm a tad skeptical about the young woman who came to meet me for the intake, though, because she looks to be straight out of college. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and she comes across as very informed, articulate, and conscientious about her work; it's just strange to be turning for help to someone almost half my age. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt and carrying one of those cute little mini-purses didn't help. She wants us to get the cub's hearing checked, just to be sure, since he had all of those ear infections from 7 - 11 months. We'll get that done after the first of the month, after DH's insurance from his new job kicks in. We'll find out if he's eligible for the program after the assessments are complete. If he has less than a 5-month developmental delay, he's not eligible. Which would be a good thing, but also a bummer not to qualify for a little intervention.

We've about worn ourselves out reading to the cub, saying words to him, cheering and congratulating him every time he makes a sound and repeating it back to him. I probably say "up", "in", "out", "down", "more", "ball", "bye-bye", "cup", "book", "open", "closed", "eat", and "drink" about a jillion times a day. Not to mention also colors, letters, shapes, numbers, and lots and lots of singing. For a break I'll read an article on recent developments in trade secret law. I'm doomed.

DH is starting a business with a friend that takes lots and lots of coding for the website before they can launch. I wasn't able to make enough $$$ to support us all while he worked on the business, so he's had to get some more immediate cash flow supplement and take a corporate job. Maybe we can recover our savings and pay credit card debt down for awhile and then he can quit again. The insurance in the meantime will be nice. Although, I have to say, the people at Golden Rule are not half bad if you have to make do between jobs. For the three of us the premium was only $930 every three months, with a total family deductible of $5,000. Unfortunately they excluded c-sections for me, so if we 'd gotten pregnant on the plan it would have been pretty outrageous. But other than that it's been pretty good. DH developed viral meningitis and we blew through his deductible pretty quickly with the trip to the emergency room, but everything after that was covered 100%.

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