Reign of Chaos

The house is a wreck, I'm neglecting half of my clients, the pooper (a much more apt name these days than "cub") is cranking out nose goo like it could be sold on eBay, my voice has finally returned from a long vacation in parts unknown, and I didn't think I could get stretched any thinner than I am already and then this 217,000 2-story Wal-Mart with a 3-story parking garage attached in the middle of my neighborhood (no freeway access, man) thing came along and it turns out in fact I COULD get stretched even thinner. And did I mention the holidays? Houseguests? Decorating? Cleaning? Cooking? Making MERRY???

Some of it I'm looking forward to, and some of it not so much. The being busy isn't really that bad, and if I can make it to Target today to buy a new monitor that will actually stay plugged in and not go off in the middle of the night and wake me up because it's running out of juice, then there's the chance of getting at least 6 or 7 hours of continuous sleep each night, which these days is a veritable buffet of zzzzz's.

The pooper has lately taken to waking up screaming crying in the middle of the night - 0 to 60 out of nowhere. I have been racing in each time because the howls are truly startling and he's been standing in his crib and puts his arms out to me as soon as I walk in the room. So I pick him up in the dark and stand next to the crib with him doing the sway, and after about a minute or two his breathing has calmed and back to the crib he goes and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes this happens twice in one night, so last weekend, on the second one, I didn't go in, just to see what would happen. After two minutes the screaming and crying completely stopped as abruptly as it had started. Boom, out. So now maybe I'll give it a few minutes before going in again, and maybe this nuttiness will stop.

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