There's Too Much Going On and I Don't Feel Particularly Funny About It

So that's a silly, long title, but it's what I've got. The cub will be starting at a new daycare soon because we were worried he was getting too isolated and not enough stimulation hanging out at home with the nanny all day. I really like the daycare that we found for him, and their play areas absolutely ROCK. But, there's no way they'll be giving him the constant hugs and kisses that he's used to at home and with his sitter, which sucks, and makes me sad. Also, he'll start getting sick a lot again, and we only have a high-deductible insurance policy and they excluded anything to do with his ears or his upper gastrointestinal system because of his history of ear infections and acid reflux, so if anything goes wrong or the doctor raises the specter of tubes again - it's all out of our very own wallets.

So, it's a good thing I've signed on another client while DH looks for a job. I'm busy and (starting next month) finally making enough to support all of us and our crazy habits, but I miss the cub.

In other news, so far the acupuncture and herbs are not working their magic. My last cycle was a measly 25 days. I guess it's a good thing it's months before I'd consider talking with DH about trying to get pregnant again. DH will be 40 this year, so we are going to Paris to celebrate over the new year. NO WAY am I going to Paris pregnant: no wine, no unpasteurized cheese, no bleu steaks, no SHOPPING.

I've been so busy the last month or so - time has flown by. We went to Houston for my 20th high school reunion, which was both weird and a blast. I knew a lot of those people from elementary school, and I walked around with DH saying things like, "See that guy? He got nosebleeds all the time after recess in the first grade. See that woman? I accidentally beaned her in the head with a softball in the fourth grade. See that guy? He got me into trouble all the time by getting me to lean back in my chair in the third grade." I stopped by to say hello to said third-grade trouble-maker, who was always a cutie, even as a boy, and met his girlfriend (who was not the wife I'd met at the 10-yr reunion) and had a laugh about the leaning back in the chair thing, and the girlfriend says, "Thank you so much for not saying you remember him for being a great kisser!" Ha - I wouldn't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Some of the shy girls were now absolute knockouts, some of the trashy girls still were, some of the loud obnoxious guys still were, most of the popular skinny girls still were, but mostly everyone just seemed well, happy, and enjoying their lives. It was just good to see people that I'd known as a kid doing okay and looking happy. It lifted my spirits and made me think maybe the world isn't imploding slowly into a piece of angry ash. I should stop reading the news.

The next day after the reunion we took the cub for his first outing to the beach. Let me just say that sticky sunblock, combined with airborne gritty sand, combined with a tired cub rubbing his eyes, equals a very unhappy cub. He loved being out in the water with us, but that was short-lived. We'll try it again next year.

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