Looking Back on a Great Weekend

Many things made last weekend fabulous. For one thing, we had dinner with friends Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights! And we only actually invited ourselves over for one of them! Friday night was pizza night at the Type A household, and friends came over with their 2 month old darling to join us for that. Then Saturday night, when we usually would have gone out for a cheapy family night out at Vinny's or Threadgills, we were invited to join friends for a Whole Foods buffet. Sunday some other friends cooked Ethiopian fare which was very very good, especially considering that these friends had never been to an Ethiopian restaurant and this was their first go at a very different method of working with spices and butter and such.

(Aster, if you EVER want to open another Ethiopian restaurant and are looking for investors, groupies, whatever - just let me know.)

Also, we went to the new Half Price Books on Parmer on Saturday afternoon and had a great time. There were balloons and lemonade and animal crackers and a large man in a green worm costume that all kept the little guy very entertained. He had a great time running around the aisles laughing and giggling and every one was pretty tolerant of this in the festive atmosphere. Plus, I picked up two books from my Amazon wish list and a couple others that would have been on my list if I'd known of them: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Living to Tell the Tale (the first of three promised volumes of memoirs from one of my most favorite authors), Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World (have I mentioned the Type A thing lately?), Isabel Allende's Zorro, and a(nother) toddler cookbook. I can't wait to get started on them, and the cookbook has a rice pudding recipe that's more like rice pudding casserole that I might actually be able to get the cub to eat - rice and eggs! Woohoo!

But now for the "awwww" moment: the cub has made his first REAL FRIEND. Yes, he's just 16 months old, and parallel play is pretty much the thing, but the Ethiopian-food-cooking friends happen to have a daughter just three weeks older than the cub and they are truly two peas in a pod when they're together. She already has a name just for him - her little version of his actual name - and he is pretty much enthralled with her when she's around. She spent the evening bringing him little things that she thought he might like, and he could barely take his eyes off her when they sat across from each other for dinner. DH told me today that the cub had also gently patted her on her shoulder, but that he was the only one to see it. This is HUGE. See, when DH or I hold the cub, we pat and rub his back to give him love. Lately, the cub has taken to gently patting us on the shoulder when we hold him, giving the love back. So when he did this for his friend, he was expressing comfort and affection the only way he knows how.


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