Get Out Your Sweaters!

My new absolutely favorite website is www.accuweather.com. You can look up the weather forecast for anywhere on the planet. Really, type in Kathmandu, and they'll tell you that they are expecting thunderstorms tonight, about the time that you and I are sitting down to enjoy lunch.

I'm obsessing about when, exactly, the oven I live in will start to cool off; when will the Great First Cool Breeze of Autumn make it's arrival? Now, by cool, I mean a day that the high stays below 95, so stay with me folks. So, every day I look at the forecast in the morning paper for the next five days: 100, 101, 101, 100, 100. Then I find accuweather, whose forecast goes out to fifteen days, and now we're getting somewhere.

I used to do this same thing from the other perspective when I was in college in New York and just dying for the feeling of warm sunshine on my face around late March, and there were still a few weeks to go. Frequently, just to cruelly taunt my southern ass, it would snow in April. April, man. That's just wrong.

So here's the fabulous news from accuweather: the high for Saturday, August 25, is 93! And then Sunday? 91!!!! Don't even ask me about Monday - it's such a great forecast I'm afraid to repeat it and maybe scare away the nymph of cooler breezes. But, through September third, the high stays below 95 every day. I've been checking the forecast again every day to see if they've changed their minds, but so far they're standing by their numbers, those plucky guys. So go get your shirts with sleeves on them back out, because winter is upon us!

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Beth said...

Highs under 95?!?!?!?! Oh my gawd I am totally drooling on myself. How dreamy is that?

(Highs under 95, I mean, not me drooling on myself.)

I'm a NOAA.gov junkie myself, largely because we're allowed to visit that site at work.