Can You Prevent Ear Infections?

The cub starts back at daycare full-time on Thursday. If the whole ear infection thing starts up again, we're royally screwed. Our insurance now is high-deductible coverage through Golden Rule. As a result of the cub's medical history (how much history can a 16 month-old child rack up?) they excluded anything to do with his ears or his upper gastrointestinal system from coverage.

Well, shit.

So, when he starts to get sick again, as is highly likely once he's back in daycare, and if it all goes straight to his ears again, as it frequently did, then ALL OF HIS ILLNESSES ARE ON US.

So I'm ready to try anything that his doctor says won't hurt him to ward these things off. For starters, I bought some kick-ass probiotics this morning. Of course I forgot to give him any of the magic stuff today, but at least it's there, in the fridge, for when I do remember it. His doc says it won't help, but won't hurt either, and if we avoid just one visit to her office as a result of the probiotics, they will have paid for themselves SEVEN TIMES OVER.

Step number two is making sure he's getting all of his minerals and good protiens and fats and fiber and basically has a well-rounded, nutritional diet of real, whole foods - as little added sugars (esp. HFCS), over-processing, hydrogenated oils and other assorted crap as possible. I'm not into vitamin supplements because the body doesn't absorb them as well and because some things in too high quantities shift over from boosting immunity to compromising it, like iron for instance.

Step number three is making sure he gets enough sleep. Although naps at daycare will be hit and miss, he zonks out around 7 - 7:30 each night. And his canines are coming down now, so we're almost through the worst of the teething. Sleep won't be a problem.

So, if anyone's still reading my blog, and you have any suggestions for how to protect the cub's ears from end-to-end ear infections this season, I'm all ears.

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Beth said...

That sucks that your insurance won't cover ear infections! I wish I had suggestions. Two of my kids never got them, but Katie would get swimmer's ear every summer when she was littler - she eventually grew out of the tendency, but that's not very helpful.

So this is just sort of a "useless sympathetic murmurings" type of comment.