WooHoo! I Got To See a Movie! In a THEATRE!

Thanks to DH for taking the late-afternoon - evening shift tonight so that I could GO SEE A MOVIE! I was going to see the pirate movie (Johnny Depp in my favorite JD character) but it was sold out, as DH had warned (I should know by now to listen to him about ANYTHING having to do with movies), and I couldn't bring myself to purchase a ticket, leave the theater, and come back again to drive all over creation to find another parking space, so I opted to see something else - The Devil Wears Prada.

Very cute and fun. Stars two women who went to my alma mater, so of course I'm a tad biased, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And yeah, okay, I feel fat now, too, but that will wear off by tomorrow. In my (and probably most) line of work, it's possible, but not necessary, to lose oneself in one's work: to sacrifice relationships, friendships, dreams, integrity, your health - whatever - to get ahead. Historically, I don't know that there's ever been a time that women have had so much opportunity to live a life out of whack (other than the more socially acceptable lost-herself-in-her-kids option). And given that those of us in domestic relationships (I can only speak for hetero here) likely are still the primary caretaker of things domestic, if things start to get too demanding at work, we REALLY FEEL IT. Anyway, the movie reminded me of how much I LOVE my life (part-time freelance is da bomb), and I came home in time to catch the cub before he fell asleep and we cuddled and sang songs while he grabbed my nose and poked my teeth and laughed. Pardon my bliss.

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