Today I went for my first appointment with my acupuncture doctor since we tried to induce labor with the cub (it didn't work). I had gone to him before I got pregnant with the cub, having had two miscarriages, so that the third time I would definitely stay pregnant (it worked). Now that I'm having regular cycles again, and they're quite short again, and DH and I aren't specifically trying NOT to get pregnant (but not trying to either), I thought it would be good to get my qi back in line or whatever it is he does - just in case.

When we first started trying to get pregnant, we succeeded the very first time. We felt like pro's. Two months later I miscarried. There was no explanation or discernable reason; I just started spotting, which carried on for ten days, and then it was gone. Five months later I was pregnant again, and six weeks later that one also was gone. I was starting to feel hopeless.

When I had the second miscarriage, I had an image in my mind of my womb, and it was like a slippery, muddy slope. The baby (who I saw as an adult person) was trying to hang on, but they just couldn't. The shortness of my cycle wasn't enough to be out of the "normal" range by the standards of western medicine. My OB ran a few tests after the second miscarriage just to rule out a few things, and everything came back normal. I decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine. I knew there was something about me that wasn't giving the embryo the chance that it needed to take root.

After a few months, my cycle was back to way it had been when I was 16 - twenty years ago. When I mentally imagined my womb, I saw a lush, green meadow. The next time I got pregnant, I stayed pregnant, and a little more than 9 months later we had the cub - all 9 lbs., 4 oz. of him. I really, REALLY hate acupuncture. I'm a total wuss around needles. But it's worth it.

Tonight we went over to a friend's house for a gathering to celebrate his 40-something-th birthday. There were lots of babies there. They were all walking except for the cub. Even the 10-month old girl. One well-meaning friend who has a habit of speaking whatever he's thinking without any internal editor asked me whether the cub, who at 14 months is neither walking nor talking, was developmentally challenged. If it had come from anyone else I would have been hurt and offended, but this friend is one of those rare people who is truly without guile. I laughed it off and explained to him that some kids don't walk until they're 15 months, and that the addition of a spanish-speaking nanny to his life would probably slow down his language development, and anyway boys are slower, yada yada yada. But the question stuck, and I told DH about it, and now we're both a little worried. Which I guess makes us normal, first-time parents. Of all the needles I've had to deal with today, the unintentional one stung the most.


Beth said...

All three of my kids were late walkers. Eric walked at fifteen months, Katie walked at fourteen months (and barely talked until she was three), and Anna didn't walk until eighteen months, believe it or not. All three of them are normal these days - "normal" being of course a relative term...

I wouldn't worry!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

UGH! I absolutely HATE people who do that to parents! There is no baby schedule, and someone's baby who walked at 8 mos. isn't any better than the one who walked at 18 mos. OH! And don't even get me started on potty training!!! Whether they are 2 or 4, they are normal.

They all develop different things at different times, and chances are there are things that your son can do or process that the other one's aren't able to yet.

Unless you have a REAL reason to be worried, just enjoy him for who he is!

*Sorry-I hate it when I launch into tirades like that! lol!

Alyssa said...

Same with Tyler - didn't even CRAWL until 10.5 months and didn't walk until 15 months. The coolest things I noticed is when they walk later - they seem to master it much faster than the early walkers. Go through a much shorter wobbly stage....

And the kids that seem to develop slower actually turn out smarter in the end. Something about the way their brains develop. So there you go - tell you friend you are raising the second coming of Einstein... :-P