If I Were All Powerful

There are lots of things I would do, just in my own tiny spec of a corner of the universe:

-- My nanny is illegal, which makes me a felon, I think, for hiring her. She is fabulous and there could be no better caretaker out there for my son, legal or not. She was brought here by her abusive husband (who was subsequently deported for said assaults) and her kids are US citizens and she is not. Not only is she a single mom with three boys under 10, but she is legally prohibited from working to support her family. What kind of BULLSHIT is that? So, if I were omnipotent, I would start by making it possible for her to get a Real job, with insurance and paid vacation (althought I do what I can) and sick days and shit, like she dreams about.

--There's a woman who panhandles at the Mopac intersection near my house every weekday morning and into the afternoon. She's been there, reliably, for months now. I noticed today that she seems skinnier, not that she was particularly heavy to start with - she looked fit. Now, she's starting to look almost gaunt. If she can make it to the intersection every day, surely she could make it just as reliably to one of the nearby offices. If I were omnipotent (and a business owner), I would ask her to show up just as she is and find an entry level position for her and train her if necessary. If she can be that reliable and endure the hours on her feet in the sun, surely she could handle an air-conditioned office and a regular paycheck.

--I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago (her link is to the right - Shauna Wears Pink). She's made it through the chemotherapy and is going to go ahead and have a bilateral mastectomy, to help her chances of surviving to see her son grow up (and old). The cancer's behind her now - nothing I can do about that - but if I were omnipotent, I'd make it so she could keep her breasts. She nursed her son for 8 months, pumping up to 6 times a day to make sure that he had sufficient breastmilk because she went back to work full-time when he was 8 weeks old, and it meant so much to her, and to him, and I'm just very, very sad to have to say goodbye to her breasts, strange as that sounds.

--If I were omnipotent, karma would work a hell of a lot faster.

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