I love love love Thursdays

Because nice women come and clean my house while I'm gone and then I come home and it smells nice and I can walk barefoot and not feel little gritty things sticking to my feet and when I get into bed (which I am blessedly about to do), the sheets are soft and fresh and don't smell at all like sweat or cats (not that I particularly mind those smells, but fresh once in a while is good, too). I must give a shout out to my mom, who can craze me to no end and who can also be an angel from heaven, for funding the house cleaners. Thanks, Mom!

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Alyssa said...

I am not the only one!!! I HATE it when I walk barefoot in my house ang gritty yuck sticks to my foot. Drives me BATTY!!! Ug, and the laundry room where the litter boxes are is the worst. Sadly, since my house won't be improving anytime soon - I have taken to wearing socks and covering up the painted toes that make me so happy... {sigh}