Brentwood Tavern RULZ

The information-about-Austin-for-families-with-toddlers posts are admittedly a tad bor-ing, but I don't have anything else to write about tonight except to relate how fussy the cub is becoming. So, here's the latest in my attempts to be informative.

Brentwood Tavern is located on North Burnet, North of Koenig, adjacent to the Farmer's Market. There's an indoor seating area, but skip this unless you just really can't stand any more of Austin's heat, because the patio is remarkably pleasant.

There's shade, wrought iron and wooden chairs (no plastic loungers here), seriously yummy food, beer, live music, a kid's menu, and a PLAYSCAPE. Right next to the tables. If you're trying to eat more healthfully, well, frankly the choices are slim. The place is for omnivores, and I'm not sure that they even have any vegan options. When we're there, we skip the fried foods/quesadilla choices on the kids' menu and order the cub a plain chicken breast on a whole wheat bun, slices of avocado, and the bean casserole. The bun is sweet, which isn't a good sign for healthfulness, and the bean casserole is probably chock full of things I refuse to even have in my pantry, but once a month can't hurt, and the cub has so much fun in the middle of all the chaos and kids. And I get to sit down and drink a cold beer that someone else poured for me. The adult menu choices are sufficient, and I haven't had anything there yet that wasn't so yummy it was just wrong. One more thing - the staff there are accustomed to serving families with young kids, and I have never picked up a give-me-a-break vibe when I asked our waitperson to please bring us one more ... cup of milk, straw, fork, beer for mommy. They know their core clientele.

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