It's a Stomach Bug, Alright

The cub got up from his afternoon nap Friday with a 101.6 fever. I called the pediatrician's office and we got there just in time for the last appointment. Whatever it was, we caught it early enough that they couldn't tell if it was a respiratory bug or a stomach bug, but whatever it was, it was viral.

A vomit-y laundry and total loss of appetite later (his and mine), I'm pretty sure it's a stomach bug. And by the way, the dr. appointment without insurance? Yes, that was an $80 fever, to be told there's nothing they could do and to let it run its course. Of course it's best to rule out other more serious causes with a trip to the doctor, but sheesh.

So, Memorial Day weekend plans were put on raincheck while the cub recovers. He's been in a downright pissy mood, and who can blame him, what with the molars, the sour tummy, the fever, and the having to be house-confined for a few days. Of course I chose to stay and take care of the cub rather than represent the clan at the social events today, because I Am A Type A Mama and would have been calling DH every fifteen minutes to find out if the cub had a fever/had eaten anything/had pooped, so I might as well just stay put and let the one of us who would enjoy himself go have fun.

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