Happy Mother's Day and Vive La Revolucion!

It's a known fact that bears being reminded of from time to time: for every person walking the earth at this moment there was a woman who became pregnant, stayed pregnant, and gave birth.

I have recently begun reading "The Mother Trip" by Ariel Gore. This plucky gal became a mother at nineteen - a high-school drop out who had travelled to China to study and in a few years found herself living in a borrowed apartment in Tuscany with her British boyfriend taking odd jobs to support them. I realized last night that she is younger than me, which I found kind of alarming, but that's another topic for another day ....

Here is an excerpt of Ariel's wisdom for today:

"Our intuition isn't always accessible. We need each other's support and helpful words. What we don't need is junk-food advice that tells us to ignore our feelings, that undermines our confidence and insults our intelligence. It's just a recipe for depression. Because what is intuition? It's a capacity of the spirit. It's knowledge. And what is depression? It's low spirits. It's knowledge withheld. but there is also a jumping-off point from this circular equation, a point where we can recognize our exhaustion for what it is, give ourselves a break, and in that quiet hour begin to transform the energy our culture has taught us to use to scrutinize and blame ourselves, and turn it outward, into something revolutionary."

Lord knows we need a revolution. Mothers of the world (and our mother-ing friends - the men and women who support, nurture, and give the gift of their love to those fortunate enough to be in their lives), UNITE.

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